Imagine arriving to your home away from home with every detail you need to have a great vacation already in place when you walk through the door!  Prior to your stay, we’ll assist you with pre-stocking of groceries, your first night arrival menu and your first breakfast just to get started. Throughout your stay, your private staff can work hand in hand with your wedding or event planner to assist with all the preparations for your reception or event at your villa. We can also arrange for special floral arrangements, in house spa and beauty services, special entertainment or live music, childcare and baby cribs, fitness services, photography and just about anything else you can think of to make sure you’re comfortable and well taken care of!

Most of the villas on our site include a cook, maid service, and houseman/waiter to take care of all of the cleaning, cooking, shopping and bartending during your stay.  Your staff can prepare two meals daily, plus snacks.  Many guests will outline their menu for the week prior to arrival and others prefer to choose their menu as they go and give the cook 24 hrs advance notice of their meal plans for the following day.  The staff can be reimbursed for the cost of groceries and cab fare to the store as they shop. Receipts are reimbursed in cash (local currency) or USD at the current daily exchange rate.  An approximate guideline to help budget for food and beverage while staying at a staffed villa is between $20-$30 US/ per day per person for breakfast and dinner, including national beer and liquor.  Keep in mind, this guideline may be higher if you request steaks, seafood, fine wines/liquor, etc. for your meals.

Typically, the staff arrives to the villa an hour prior to requested breakfast service and leave after they serve dinner and clean up.  Service is provided from 9am-7pm, however, your staff will do their best to be flexible to accommodate your needs and special requests.  Gratuities for the staff are not included in the rental rate and are much appreciated for a job well done. Tip Guideline: $10-$15 US/per day per adult in your group to be pooled and split evenly among the staff when you depart.  For example, if there are 10 guests in your group, the approximate tip would be $10 US X 10 guests = $100 US X 7 days = $700 US total tip divided by 3 staff members = $233 US per staff member for a week stay (local currency or USD).