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  • Often called the “Crown Jewel” of the Riviera Nayarit, this hip surf village is located 50 minutes north of the Puerto Vallarta International Airport and 10 miles north of Bucerias/Punta Mita and has become one of the most sought after beach destinations in all of Mexico. Sayulita oozes a bohemian surf atmosphere and offers visitors stunning natural beauty with picturesque beaches, lush tropical jungles, a plethora of charming restaurants, great food, live music, and chic boutique shopping galore.

    Sayulita also offers a wide range of activities for all ages including surf and paddle board lessons, canopy tours, horseback riding, yoga sessions on the beach, and sailing charters just to name a few!

    Just a 5 minute drive north discover the charming little surf and fishing village of San Pancho! Many refer to San Pancho as the next Sayulita. Although San Pancho is still a relatively undiscovered and tranquil piece of paradise, hidden along the largely unspoiled pacific coast of Riviera Nayarit, it has become increasingly popular with people from around the world.

    Visitors enjoy pristine beaches and San Pancho’s small but diverse international community and culture. A good variety of restaurants abound – you can enjoy everything from delicious street tacos to gourmet European cuisine. Alongside the interesting cultural mix of a fine art gallery or hidden haute-cuisine restaurant, San Pancho is also a community brimming with art and social responsibility. An art collective organizes various art expositions and events throughout the year, and a community volunteer organization mobilizes recycling education and efforts and youth activities in town. Various environmental organizations work to educate about and protect the local jaguar habitat or the nesting turtle populations on San Pancho beaches.

    San Pancho also offers a public nine hole golf course, a polo field, and a hospital.

  • Surfing


    Puerto Vallarta is an excellent place to surf at. We don’t always have waves at every surf break but for the most part, you can find waves somewhere and they will be a lot of fun!!!

    Relaxing Massage


    This technique is a very smooth version of the Swedish massage worked at a single superficial skin level. This is recommended for anyone needing to relax and loosen up the muscles or if you have aches and pains this is a definite must.


    Sayulita is a 45 minute drive north of the Puerto Vallarta (PVR) airport. Most major airlines offer flights to Puerto Vallarta and many have direct flights Saturday-Saturday in the high season from November-April. To check BEST AIRFARES, click on the EXPEDIA search tool above.


    IF YOU SCHEDULED A PRIVATE PICK UP – Look for your driver who will have your last name and the name of your villa on a sign. He will help you with luggage and will take you to the car or van. The cost is $20-$25 US/per person with a minimum 5 person or $100-$125 USD (or equivalent in pesos) pick up one way. For example, if you request a private transfer and have 8 people in your group, the transfer will be $20-$25 US/pp X 8 = $160-$200 US one way. If you have more than 10 people, we will arrange for a van and a cab or 2 vans. Drivers must be paid in cash, credit cards aren’t accepted. Please keep in mind that if your flight is early or late you may have to wait a few minutes for your driver to meet you. NOTE - all drivers have to pay a $25 US federal airport pick up tax on all arrivals. For this reason, airport pick ups (whether provided by private or municipal taxis) are always more expensive than your return trip to the airport. NOTE- Cabs and vans do not have child car seats, so it is best to bring your own or we can arrange a rental or purchase in advance for you -

    IF YOU DID NOT SCHEDULE A PRIVATE PICK UP – Turn to your right and you will see two booths clearly marked “TAXI” near the exit door. You can buy a ticket from any one the ladies (the rates are all the same and determined by zone). They accept both USD or Pesos. They will point you out the door to the taxi line up. You will be shown to a cab or van. Give the ticket to your driver and tell him the property address. Public (not private) Taxi and Van rates are per vehicle, not per person and the tip is included. A public taxi from the airport will cost approximately $550-$650 pesos ($50-$60 US depending on the zone you're traveling to). A taxI can accommodate 1-3 people plus luggage. Otherwise you will need a larger vehicle, but always ask. Some cabs will provide roof racks so you may not need a van. A public van transfer from the airport is approximately $800-$1000 pesos (or $80-$100 US - priced by zone) and can hold about 8-10 passengers with luggage. Rates subject to change without notice, so it’s best to confirm pricing before you purchase your fare. Fares are determined by zone and are non-negotiable.

    MONEY SAVING TIP – if you don’t have a lot of luggage and want to save the airport pick up tax, take the orange footbridge that crosses the highway right in front of the airport lobby (about a 3 minute walk). There is a line up of both taxis and vans. Ask how much it will be before you get in (should be a savings of approximately 100 pesos). Taxi fares in Puerto Vallarta and throughout the Bay are in Mexican pesos (although they also accept USD - but nothing larger than a $20 bill), they are federally regulated and non- negotiable. It is usually a better value to pay in pesos (they usually offer at least 10:1, if not better). Now you’re on your way!

    RETURN TRIP TO THE AIRPORT - we recommend to have your houseman or concierge arrange the nearest city cab or suburban taxi to pick you up when you return to the airport. We can, however, arrange for a private driver to pick you up upon request at the rate of $25 US/per person with a minimum 5 person (or $125 US) one way fee for the return trip. Private drivers have to pay for a special "tour guide" license so this will be the most expensive option.


    Taxis are not as readily available in Sayulita as they are in other parts of the bay such as Puerto Vallarta. Taxis are a safe mode of transportation and are available in Sayulita (in front of the main plaza), however, keep in mind you may have to wait 20-30 minutes for them to arrive to your villa after you call for a pick up. Your houseman can also assist you when you need a cab from your villa. If you are hailing a taxi on your own, be sure to confirm the rate before getting into the taxi. Prices are set throughout town (depending on the zones) and the taxis are not metered. The only variance is when taking a taxi from the airport, which is more expensive than going to the airport because it is a Federal Zone and there are increased taxes and airport pick up fees for the Federal Zone taxis. Generally the standard fare is $60 to $80 USD one way (approximately $20 US more for a van) to downtown PV if you are staying in Sayulita. Cab drivers are very nice and the cars (usually Nissan Sentras) are clean. Always enter and exit the taxi from the sidewalk side (non-traffic side) of the cab and look for traffic or people before opening the door. Try to have your money ready to pay right away when at your destination. Taxis will often stop in traffic to let you out, thus stopping traffic, so pay and exit as quickly as possible. Taxis usually do not carry much change, so try to have smaller bills. Seat belts are often tucked down in the backseat. While it is not required to wear one, in case you have an infant seat, you may have to dig them out. TIP - try to always note your taxi's number on the side door in case you leave something behind or have a problem. For further information, contact -


    The bus ride from Puerto Vallarta to Sayulita costs $25 pesos, buses normally arrive every ½ hour and the 24 mile journey takes approximately 1½ hours. If you are going to catch the bus from the airport, cross over the highway using the pedestrian bridge. The bus line serving Sayulita is COMPESTELA and their buses are white and green. Look for the name "Sayulita" written on the windshield of the bus. NOTE- Not all COMPESTELA buses go to Sayulita.

    Buses to Puerto Vallarta from Sayulita leave from the bus stop outside the Salud Clinic, located on the main road into Sayulita, there are seats located on the side walk while you wait for the bus. Fares are: PV- $25 pesos, Bucerias -$10, MEGA- $12. The bus stops at all the major shopping malls in PV and terminates at “Gold’s Gym” just past Plaza Genovesa (Moroccan style architecture) which is before the road splits for the city bypass & tunnel. Here you can transfer to a city bus to head further downtown. Buses within Puerto Vallarta have a set fare of $5.50.

    (departing from Salud Clinica to PV)

    The last bus leaves Sayulita at 8:40 p.m. and the last bus from PV is at 7:00 p.m. Note: Buses can depart +/- 5 minutes of the advertised times. Vallarta Plus is a first class bus service operating between P.V. and Guadalajara which stops in Sayulita near the Salud (one block east of the basketball field). To Guadalajara 1 p.m. Thurs./ Fri. / Sun. / Mon; From Guadalajara arrives in Sayulita at around 7 a.m. Thurs./ Fri. / Sun. / Mon. After 8pm, it is better to take a taxi as the routes become more diffuse and less reliable.

    Buses in the bay are very high off the ground so getting on and off can be difficult for the elderly or someone with bad knees, weak legs or other mobility difficulties. Also, unlike most buses in the US and Canada, you have to push a button (called a “timbre”) for the driver to stop. These are located, usually near the front, near the back exit, and several other places throughout the bus. TIP - get on and off the bus quickly. Take your seat as soon as possible because the drivers don't usually wait. Locals with disability cards are allowed to get on the bus and ask for donations from passengers. Entertainers will also get on the bus to sing and/or play a musical instrument for tips. The 1st two seats behind the driver are reserved for people with disabilities and pregnant women.

    From Sayulita, the cost to ride the bus to the surrounding areas (Nuevo, Bucerias, LaCruz, and Punta Mita) is about 20 Pesos ($2 US) one way (subject to change, please ask first to confirm). These are generally the larger and more comfortable (ATM) buses that service the north shore areas of Punta Mita (15 minutes), Bucerias (20 minutes), & Nuevo Vallarta (30 minutes). Within the city of Puerto Vallarta, the bus will cost approximately 10 Pesos ($1 US). The buses travel from the southern point of the bay (Mismaloya/Boca) to the North Shore (Nuevo Vallarta, Bucerias, La Cruz/Punta Mita, and Sayulita) which spans a couple of hours travel time.


    We only recommend renting a car or van if you plan on exploring the area on a daily basis or several times throughout your stay. Be advised that many car rental companies do not quote all mandatory third party insurances on their websites and the rate can double or even triple when you get to the counter so it's best to try and confirm your total rate per day prior to arrival. To check BEST CAR RENTAL RATES, click on the EXPEDIA search tool above. Also keep in mind any car insurance you have outside of Mexico will not cover you in Mexico on a rental car – so check with your credit card and/or insurance company to make sure you have proper insurance for driving in Mexico. Mexican Liability insurance is mandatory.


    We can arrange for a private car or suburban with a driver at anytime with at least 24 hours notice. Please contact us for a quote. Rates are approximately $50 US/hour (depending on the zone within the bay) with a 3 hour minimum hire.
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